About Us

About Dr. Yasmilde - From Science to Energy Work.

I am an Intuitive and Subconscious Soul Healer [and a Neuroscientist] guiding purpose-inspired individuals to heal their personal trauma so that they can serve humanity at their highest level.

As an Intuitive Healer, I combine science, energy work, mindfulness and meditation in my approach. Cuban by birth, I moved to Canada in 2002.
I hold four scientific degrees [Masters Degree in Human Vaccines, Masters Degree in BioChemistry, Bachelors in Biology] and the last one a PhD in Neuroscience. I had already dedicated over 25 years to health sciences when my own personal healing and growth journey led me to discover that I had always been a healer. 

My passion is seeing people happy and excited about themselves and their lives! I founded EQUALLIBRIUM in 2017 and have since touched the lives of 1000's of individuals.

I am the creator of the SELF EMPOWERMENT BLUEPRINT along with a number of programs and courses designed to guide our clients from a state of unhealthiness and confusion into a state of health, empowerment and optimism. I see the opportunity to be part of their journey as a privilege. I can also see and interact with our tenth energy system, The ELEMENTALS.

 Meeting Donna in 2018, it became clear that our lives were so similar and yet incredibly different. As a team, we blend scientific and empirical evidence to guide our client transformations. 

Our mission is to empower and inspire individuals to transform their lives by practicing Self-healing for Personal and Spiritual Development. 

This is a snapshot of my life since 2015.

Personal Loss / 
Immigration  / 4 Science Degrees / 3X Divorced / Chronic Illnesses / Acute Tiredness / DEPRESSED

My Decision to Change Being Sick and Tired.

Energy Work and Meditation.

Loads of Personal and Spiritual Growth.

Stumbled into the REAL ME, The Healer.

 and BUSY! / Clear Life Purpose / Balanced Life / Registered Practice / Impacted the Life of more than 1,000 people


About Donna H. - From Hospitality to Healer.

I am a Body Resonance Healer. Here passion is to help individuals to heal chronic illness and pain using their inner power so that they can step into their active and inspired self and show up as everything they can be.

As a Healer and a Fairy bringing I am deep connection with nature and the cosmos into my work at EQUALLIBRIUM. Body presence and present moment awareness of our human experience allows me to bring clarity into our clients lives with our approach to energy work, mindfulness and meditation. Canadian born and raised, I spent a 30+ year career in the hospitality industry as an event planner and chef.

In 2011, I finally said no to what everyone else was telling me about my life and my body and I created my own natural protocol to heal my chronic illness. This personal healing and growth journey lead me to rekindle my connection to myself and trust in my inner wisdom. I continue to serve individuals, the difference now is that I teach them to showcase themselves, love themselves, their life and the world around them into absolute joy at any moment. My life as a healer and a fairy continues to spark and poke the hearts of many to help them remember to play and celebrate life.

Combining forces with Dr. Yasmilde was a natural choice. From the moment we met a type of healing magic happened. Our mission is to empower and inspire individuals to transform their lives by practicing Self-healing for Personal and Spiritual Development. 

This is a snapshot of my life since 2015.

Personal Loss / 
30-year Hospitality Career / Divorced / ENDOMETRIOSIS / Depressed / Low Sex Drive Stressed and Angry

HEALED my chronic illness with my own natural protocol.

Co-Authored THE JOY OF ENERGY Delving deeper into its wisdom.

Discovered Neuroscience which confirmed my EMPIRICAL HEALING EVIDENCE.

Committed to become the HEALER and FAIRY I always have been.

CONNECTED, BUSY / Partnered with EQUALLIBRIUM / Continue to Impact the Lives of 1,000